“Vittorio Martire, the luxury craftsman, has arrived in Dubai and Saudi Arabia”

His exclusive “pieces” recall the manufacturing of Italy’s golden years…

“I was enchanted to see my father and grandfather in action. That kind of ‘handmade’ has an unmatched charm, that respect for the material and the product that carries a magic of bygone eras.”

Unique pieces, “artistic” soles, and jewel shoes are capturing the tastes of Italian celebrities, but also attracting the interest of the wealthy market in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. These are the creations of Vittorio Martire, the “luxury craftsman”’ who, from his atelier in the center of Milan – in the pulsating heart of the fashion district – is launching a new trend in “walking”; among suede, crocodile, and patterns that recall the nostalgic splendour of a “dolce vita” that once was.

For those who know him, his modus operandi is as clear as it is unwavering: respect for the material, meticulous attention to detail, and a memory of the magic of craftsmanship that has lost much of its splendour with standardization.

“The perpetually open safe is a plastic representation of a symbolic message that Martire intends to imprint on the imagination of his guests; the real treasure, the vault of a company, does not conceal banknotes or precious items, but rather the excellence of a sought-after product and the uniqueness of each idea. He is the son of the fourth generation of shoe producers who have collaborated with many national and international brands for 100 years, which he has now decided – as the founder and CEO – to transform into an exclusive reality through his spin-off “Vittorio Martire Milano.” The motivations are plain: “A transition dictated by a clear awareness of wanting and being able to do something more in terms of identification and recognizable product quality and design.”

Operating 24/7 inside and outside his headquarters for the young Milanese, combined with communication that is increasingly pervasive, targeted, and functional, both in the now crucial universe of social media and in the delicate direct relationship with customers. Therefore, he is an ambassador of himself and the company, with a single motto that permeates the walls of his studio: “Don’t come with money thinking you can buy what you want but with the humility to elegantly carry what is the result of months of inspiration and creativity!” And he confesses: “Today, being an ambassador of one’s product is a fundamental mission towards stakeholders, whether they be distributors or end customers, partners, or investors.”

A philosophy that is already a school among industry professionals and in his boardroom: overseeing everything! From the initial sketches to the production phase, from human relations with the customer (whether national elite or foreign) in Europe, Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates, to commercialization and the choice of promotional lines and medium to long-term objectives. This is the only way to defend and make Italy’s beauty and pride thrive in the world, despite the major multinational corporations.  And on the matter of mainstreaming the ‘handmade’ system as much as possible, the direct interested party has no doubt: “Absolutely yes, the keyword is to make ‘our Made in Italy’ known in the world because I believe it is a generational obligation to continue the family mission, no longer limiting ourselves to national and European markets but to international ones, with a clear objective, to demonstrate and affirm, through our know-how, one of the many noble Italian realities abroad.”

Vittorio Martire. Tell us everything. Who are you, your story, where you come from… what is your business reality located in the heart of Milan today and especially what do your eyes see beyond the Italian horizon, but also Dubai and major global markets. And finally; “Generational obligation,” a very nice concept…”

“My personal and business life go hand in hand, along with my family life. I represent the fourth generation of producers in the footwear sector. I started with my father and my brothers, who still work as subcontractors for very well-known companies on the national scene. However, both by individual choice and to pursue a new and more stimulating path (more in line with my way of life), a few years ago I embarked on the path of direct customer relations, through Vittorio Martire Milano.

Vittorio Martire Milano is a niche brand that, in addition to having expansion projects in foreign markets through new store openings, today offers an exclusive service to customers who desire a “Made to Order” product with the in-house production of individual and exclusive pieces, aimed at a very demanding target audience, consumers who love Made in Italy and that kind of ‘handmade’ which is slowly losing its origins. We are talking about small ‘works’ of true craftsmanship, far from the usual industrial production standards. Choice of colour, style, stitching, details… everything is carefully studied by my staff to give originality and authenticity to each ‘work’.

The showroom is in the heart of Milan, a headquarters located in the Fashion Quadrilateral. A sort of workshop-atelier that welcomes clients by appointment only. But not only Italy, of course, also and above all, looking towards foreign markets interested in ‘Italian style’, such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia.”

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I would like to talk about Dubai and the ongoing project, as well as the Riyadh Fashion Week. In my role as Ambassador of my company, I am personally overseeing relations with Dubai to position ourselves synergistically in that increasingly opening global front, with a strong commitment to the excellence of the Bel Paese.

We have initiated collaborations with other Italian excellences that will strengthen our “Made in Italy” message worldwide through synergy. We have opened an office with local partners in Dubai, through which we are testing a new ready-to-wear product with pop-up openings in the most important malls and defining distribution contracts throughout the area.

We are planning, with a marketing agency in Dubai, in collaboration with our Italian press office, an advertising plan through events, presentations, and celebrity product placements, to give a very clear and precise idea of the brand personality in the territory.

We are conducting sector studies to evaluate the opening of mono-brand boutiques in the GCC countries. There will be events in collaboration with very famous brands in both the automotive and nautical fields, but for now, I cannot reveal the details…

My policy is: “There are no shortcuts. Work hard, be patient, consistent, and never give up.”

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