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Marco Antonio Soriano IV makes the heart of Elite Mobile beat!!!


Marco Antonio Soriano IV makes the heart of Elite Mobile beat!!!

The Soriano Group, a prominent financial player in the United States, has made a strategic move into the Italian telecommunications market by acquiring shares in Elite Mobile. The announcement, made in April 2023, marks the group’s entry into the Italian industrial sector, following recent investments in high-end electric motorcycles and fashion.

Elite Mobile, founded by Gianluca Vacchi in May 2022, is disrupting the Italian telecommunications market with its innovative offerings in telecommunications, entertainment, training, and other exclusive products. The acquisition of shares in this new player in the market is expected to give the Soriano Group a foothold in the fast-growing telecommunications industry in Italy.

Under the leadership of Marco Antonio Soriano, the new Group Chairman, the Soriano Group has shifted its focus towards the luxury sector, prioritizing excellence in product and service, and innovation. The meeting with Gianpiero Allegri L., an engineer, entrepreneur, and manager, has facilitated the realization of several projects in Italy, with more in the pipeline across diverse sectors.

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Overall, the acquisition of shares in Elite Mobile demonstrates the Soriano Group’s commitment to expanding its reach into the Italian market and reinforces its position as a major player in the global financial landscape.

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