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ANEMA and COREa page of history


a page of history

An entertainment mecca on the island of Capri, halfway between the upscale shopping street and the quaint old town with its typical narrow streets, just a stone’s throw from the Piazzetta, Anema e Core is much more than a Taverna, a club or a nightclub.


It is the pulsating artery of the Island: a destination where entertainment, tradition and folklore have met for more than 20 years.
Waiting for you, accompanied by a band that plays live music every night, are Guido and Gianluigi Lembo, Capri institutions, mistresses of Island nights. To call him a singer would be reductive, Guido is a page in the History of the Island, a story that is always current, revisiting the tradition of chansonniers and the showpieces of Neapolitan music with a modern repertoire, the great classics of the ’70s, the most recent hits of international success and a lot of irony. Gianluigi Lembo, son of the historic chansonnier is a presence
permanent fixture on the stage, has followed the venue since its inception, growing as the venue’s fame grew, and performing on tour with his band around the most exclusive venues , in Italy but also abroad. From New York to Los Angeles, passing through Dubai, Venice, Milan, Rome, Naples, to stops in Sicily and Apulia, bringing Anema e Core for a night in the best clubs, theaters, institutional buildings, and in prestigious locations related to the excellence of made in Italy. Anema & Core is not only a tribute to Neapolitan song, it is the description that best represents the spirit of this place. The energy and enthusiasm that animate the Tavern will enrapture you as soon as you enter; the audience becomes part of the show, it is at the center. There is no plot, no pattern to follow, there is an ‘art. That of hospitality, human warmth, improvisation that drags and puts one in a good mood. There are no dress codes or selections, the ‘Anema & Core brings together vacationers, star system players, businessmen, politicians, the young, the not-so-young, anyone who wants to have a good time and get carried away by the rhythms of carefree Caprese evening. Anema & Core is the idea of a talent, carried on by the passion of a family: Anna, Gianluigi and Marianna support Guido with love and reliability.
A leading player in entertainment for 45 years, Guido gave birth in 1994 to a must-see stop for those who choose to spend a night on Capri, even the most absent-minded tourist cannot help but be intrigued, and get carried away by the notes and cheerfulness that this destination offers. Anema & Core is Guido’s exuberance and hospitality, Gianluigi’s smile and voice, and the enthusiasm and skill of his band and the entire staff. Anema & Core is a choral journey, a piazza, a theater that becomes metatheater: guests are often invited to interact with the musicians on stage. The bar area gives a break to the wild dancing, and offers excellent selections of drinks and cocktails. A brand new wine cellar gives tastings of fine wines and a relaxation area. Heeled shoes go off after a few minutes to dance barefoot on tables. The only imperative is to enjoy the show and good music. The ever-changing audience makes the night unique and unrepeatable. Any narrative would not render


“The energy and enthusiasm that animate the Tavern will enrapture you as soon as you enter; the audience becomes part of the show, they are at the center.”


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