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Farewell to creative genius “Thierry Mugler”


Farewell to creative genius “Thierry Mugler”

French fashion designer Thierry Mugler passed away of natural causes at the age of 73 on Sunday.

Eccentric and quirky the designer creator of iconic fashion lines was famous for his super sexy corsets worn by stars such as Madonna, Sharon Stone and Lady Gaga.

The first clothing line, he called it Café de Paris in homage to the city that became his home, 1973, while he launched his actual brand in 1975.

Already we can glimpse what would become its leading “themes”: the overt inspiration from U.S. cinema and culture, the “wasp-like” waist that echoes that of classic pin-ups. The use of a futuristic plastic-like fabric in his sculpted clothes has become his trademark. The designer for decades has defined haute couture, dressing stars such as Diana Ross, Cardi B, Beyonce and more at galas, on red carpets and runways around the world. His most iconic creations appear in the Too Funky music video by British singer-songwriter George Michael.

The Creations

His designs were not afraid to be extravagant, sometimes resembling robotic suits with protruding conical shapes. His creations had a strong impact on the imagery of high fashion: with no fear of coming across as strange or shocking, his creations were inspired by technology, nature, and motors. Iconic were his robotic suits that originated from the famous film Metropolis.

His products

Mugler also had a famous perfume line, which he started in the 1990s.

In addition to clothes, Mugler has also been a filmmaker and photographer, and has been a dancer, acrobat, and avid bodybuilder, emphasizing that he has always wanted to explore the human body as art. One of Mugler’s best-known phrases: “When I was a child, I could not accept the world around me. I dreamed of creating one of my own size, one all to myself“.

Simply brilliant.

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