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App Disformism


App Disformism

In recent years on Instagram, the use of filters has become increasingly popular, which-in addition to Photoshop and specific applications-goes a long way toward sometimes over-editing and perfecting the face (and body) of celebrities, influencers and ordinary people in
more or less invasive way. Inevitably, they distort reality: imperfections are part of being human, so it is inconceivable that pores, marks, discolorations and asymmetries do not exist.
We know this, of course, yet how difficult is it to distinguish truth from fiction? How much do these artificial canons affect our perception of ourselves and thus our Pablo Ardizzone happiness? These are the questions that many people are asking about the issue.

It must be said, therefore, that while some filters seem to not distort the connotations more in reality they still falsify the
reality, erasing the flaws on other people’s faces, and leading us to regard our natural face as wrong no matter what.
All of this, therefore, can take a heavy toll on younger and psychologically weaker people, who may not have
the tools to fully understand and comprehend the use of social media and may mature very negative and harmful thoughts.
To this day, even make-up must simulate what is the result of an application, a real change and upheaval in the
fashion and in costume. A real dysmorphism, so much so that in some cases those who are affected by it seek medical attention
aesthetic by bringing in their own reference photo edited from an app, hoping to then have the same end result.

So the question arises, is the far too light use of filters condemnable? Since I am no longer a tool
funny and sometimes useful for disguising some imperfection, but an integral part of the social game, to the point of distorting
The truth without our realizing it.


“In conclusion, have the standards of beauty gone so far that we can no longer accept ourselves for who we are?”


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